Relax in crystal clear spa water with EGO3`s spa filters

An oasis of calmnes - why EGO3 spa filter?

In our world of daily stress and environmental pollution a Spa becomes for more and more people a place of repose. Even the old Romans and Egyptians were used to recover themselves form their daily efforts in bathhouses, cultivated and strengthened their bodies and recharged their batteries.

In the past 15 years those oases of calmnes are getting more and more popular, the technic is more sophisticated, the tubs are getting larger, powered by more jets and more pumps. Certainly also the demand of the customers raised as they are using their spas more often and more intense but surely the water should stay always bright, clear and disinfected by using as less chemicals as possible.

The leading manufacturers are very focused to have the very best and actual spa-tech and materials build in their spas. They are working on constant updates and special features on their products, only the way of desinfection and filtration hasnt change quite a lot.

Daily use and having long baths gives a challenge to every filtrationsystem or filter cartridge and could end in a collapse of waterbalance. Permanent maintenance of the filter cartridges is the consequence. But the EGO3 spa filter makes your spa life much easier!

Spas with EGO3 spa filter cartridges

If the filters are not frequently cleaned or filter cartridges get clogged in spas with a bypass system, the water is only moving in a circle without flowing through the filters - (no filtration!), while Spas without bypass are exposed to suffer a circpumpdamage because of glogged Filters. Dirty or glogged standard-cartridges are also a substrate for all the catched bacteria on the filter, which can increase so rapidly within the warm water that cummon ozongenerators or saltwater disinfection systems cant sanitize the spawater adequat anymore. This makes it necessery to use some additional desinfection (chlorine,bromine....) 

Even though it could be so easy having a crystal clear, clean and odor-free spa. There are just 3 essential things to ensure - a strong and reliable disinfectionsystem, clean & close mesh filters and an optimal PH-level.

And so the customer haves no chance to save the weekly cleaning procedure, unless he wants to buy a new set of filters (2-4times/year). In addition the water would require more chemicals, also the PH-level could fluctuate very often because of too much particles and the resulting weak desinfection. Oils are difficult to catch for a standard filtercartridge because of the pores size. A flocking agent is needed......

As the cleaning process of the standard filtercartridges has a few steps and needs some time, the best way to keep the spa running is to have an exchange set of filters. Recently you will also need some more chemicals and/or tools to get your filters cleaned.

So, if you want to use your spa more often and longer you need extra money, time and place for doing your cleaning and store the cleanigstuff and chems..... 

"3 things are essential for having a crystal clear, clean and odor-free spawater - a strong and reliable disinfectionsystem, clean & close mesh filters and an optimal PH-level"

EGO3 stands for efficency, sustainability and cost reducing in running a SPA.

Our products are especially designed for Spas and Swimspas and complete your own oasis of restfulnes, so that you can use your time relaxing inside the spa nstead of maintaining all the time and spending a lot of money.

In our products we spare agressive chemicals which have to be added to the water all the time to reduce unwelcome water behavior. We terminate reasons of inadequat water instead of hiding them. Our products are also facing up against persistant biofilm deposits and reduces the restructuring of them. 

Regardles whether you use our patented 10Mikron extra fine EGO³ Filter or our patented EGO³ Ozone-UV Hybrid V1 Disinfectionsystem, which can verifiable combust 99,9% of all bacteria out of the spawater just hours after your last session - completely without hazardous chemicals!


We know about the problems and developed, considering all technical facts and expierences during the last 15years in spabusiness, modern ways to keep your spawater clean, safe and relaxant - for you, your purse and our envionment.


For that reason - filter and disinfection by EGO3!