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EGO3 hottub filters with 100% satisfaction guarantee

EGO3 hottub filters have been invented and patented 3 years ago in Germany and are being sold very successfully in Europe since then. These spa filters solved all disadvantages the old paper filters had.


EGO3 hottub Filters are working with a multiuse filter cartridge and refills of filter material.


We guarantuee that:

- your spa water will be cleaner then ever before since we can filter every particle even they are just 1 micron big

- you save much time you spend so far for cleaning your spa filters, because you do not have to clean EGO3 hot tub filters

- you save a lot of money because you only change the filtermaterial not the whole cartridge. The cartridge is a multiuse unit.


Even we didn`t yet start to promote this product in the USA and Canada we already have some customers there who got it recommended from their friends with spas in Europe and bought from us.


So we decided to start a presale until our official sales start is happening in autumn 19.

The only Hottub Filter with a 100% satisfaction and 3 months money back guarantuee

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we push down turbitity to unbelievable 0.1-0.2 NTU only!

EGO3 hottub filters are available for all major spa manufacturers.


If you`d like to know which one you need just sned us the contact file below and we gonna let you know.


EGO3 hottub filters make your spa life better and easier.

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Hot tub filters - Made in Germany and Austria with proud for the USA

Our factories fulfill all environmental and social standards for an all perfect product. No part of EGO3 is produced in China. Even we have very high social and environmental standards we can offer the cheapest and best hot tub filter. As soon as we have implemented our filters in the US our next factory will be in the USA and we will be very proud to produce in the USA too.

The all new EGO3 hottub filters are now available in the USA and Canada

And it starts at 6.60 USD per filter refill. Thats the cheapest and best system for spa filtration you can get. You only buy once the multiuse filter cartridges and then you just need to change the cheap refills.

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EGO3 hot tub filters are available for almost every spa brand

We offer our hot tub filters for Jacuzzi Spas, Sundance Spas, Artesian Spas, Master Spas, Hotspring Spas, Cal Spas, Bullfrog Spas, Nordic Spas, Dimension One Spas, American Whirlpool Spas, Vita Spas, Endless Pools, Tidal Fits and many more.