Differences & advantages of EGO3 Filter versus standard filter

Below we show you differences and advantages of EGO3 Hot tub filter. Make your own opinion, we bring you the facts.

All comparisons are made with original standard filtercartridges of different spa manufacturer, no cheap replica filters.


Standard filtercartridge
Standard filtercartridge
EGO3 Filter
EGO3 Filter

  • One-Way cartridge (exchange after 6-12 months)
  • Filterperformance 50mikrons
  • Filter has to be cleaned and disinfected constantly (chlorine, nature2... etc needed)
  • frequently, effortful filtercleaning every 2-4 weeks
  • flow gets affected depending on the filters cleanness (error source, higher pumpwork)
  • running costs (depending on spa 2-5 cartridges/year)
  • more garbage


  • Refillable, robust Filterbody
  • Filterperformance 10mikrons - higher filtercapacity due to 3D filtermaterial
  • Filter stays abacterial operated by integrated silver filaments (no additional chemicals!)
  • easy and fast cleaning every 8-12 weeks
  • Flowneutral - Even at high pollution level of the filtermaterial the water could flow through the filter.
  • low costs - washable Filterballs (starting kit lasts for at least 2-3 years)
  • 80% less garbage

EGO3 stands for sustainability

Beside the advantages of filtration, handling and costs it was very important for us that we from EGO3 also set a positive ecological contribution with our product.

Our system stands for reuseability and reduction of garbage, as you just have to change the EGO3 Filterballs after a while. Mostly this is just a small bunch of fibretex which can be disposed through the residual waste.

Further you can pass on using cleaning and desinfection chemicals for maintenance. Due to the better filtration and reduction of particles in the water the consumption of water chemistry will also decrease. All this facts brings us to a total reduction of garbage of up to 80%, in comparison with standard filters.


By the way - EGO3 Filterballs are made of recycled material!