What is an Ego³ hot tub filter?

Our goal was to create a type of hot tub filter which filtrates the bathwater more efficient and more reliable, but reduces maintenance and costs. We also wanted to have a product which goes easy on resources, helps reducing scrap, and is reuseable.

The patented EGO3 hot tub filters are the result and they asre very easy to use, just exchange them with your common filters. No modification needed which might cost you the SPA warranty, nothing changes! Just better water, less efforts and less costs! Just as you like it.



The "standard hot tub filter" problem

A common scene, although the filtercartridges are cleaned the water is cloudy and oily.
A common scene, although the filtercartridges are cleaned the water is cloudy and oily.


People who own a SPA or a Hot Tub equipped with standard filtercartridges are familiar with this problem. The filtrationperformance is insufficient, cleaning the filter is tedious, the durability is short (most are not really reuseable or looses a lot of performance) and the costs are high.

Daily Spa use can overwhelm your filtersystem. Cloudy and stinky water(caused by organic particles) not just damp your mood when you look at it, its also unhealthy.

To prevent this you have to constantly maintain your SPA to get a perfect water. You will need some chemicals for cleaning, maybe some equipment, the right place to do it and and steady nerves. This should be done at least every 14 days to get an acceptabel filtration - this may frustates you so much that you are not using your spa as often as you maybe like to? Thats not the right solution for a spa filter!

It doesn`t have to be this way!


Over one decade of experience on the spa market brought us to the decision that we need a change in spa filtration to satisfy hot tub customers, save their time and money.

The solution is simple and genius - EGO3 hot tub filters!

Our solution for better spa water: The all new EGO³ HOT TUB FILTER

The patented filtersystem consists of two components and rely on sustainability through reusable filterbodies and washable filtermaterial. A perfect synergy between a flow-optimized Filterbody for 3D filtermaterial and the specially designed filterballs allows a new dimension of crystal clear spawater and revolutionizes filtercartriges and makes the existing filters obsolete.

The filterbody is made of chlorine and acid resistant synthetic material, long lasting and easy to clean. Its color allows to gently align to every acrylic color of the spa. The closed form and the integrated fingerholes in the filtercap allows a quick and clean way to install/uninstall the cartridge, simultaneously the holes in the cap dispens the incoming waterflow on the filtermaterial.

With only 20pcs EGO3 Filterballs all particles down to 10mikrons in a SPA up to 9feet can be easily catched.

Below the Filterballs, on the bottom of the body, the Opti-Flow strainer ensures the optimal flow through the whole filterbody.

The perfect setup between strainer and filtermaterial, under consideration of usual flow conditions of a SPA or Hot Tub, allows EGO3 spa filter amazing advantages in comparison to conventional filtertypes.


EGO3 Filterballs
EGO3 Filterballs

The filtermaterial itself is a special sort of fibre and comes up with an enormous surface because of its ball shape, stays abacterial due to the integrated silver filaments and is flowneutral.

The especially for our system developed EGO3 Filterballs can absorb a multiple of filtrate compared to their own weight, in doing so all particles down to 10Mikrons - instead of the usual 50mikrons - get catched out of the water.

The fine tiny hair of the fibre holds tight all the dirt, transport it inside the Filterball and do not release it anymore. Also oily water can be filtered out and Biofilm gets rapidly decreased. At the same time the pumps get relieved (increases pump lifetime), because the filter is not a resistor in the plumbingcircuit - EGO3 Filters are flowneutral - 100% of the water can flow through the filters and the bypassvalves (if spa is equipped with some) stay closed.

This allows the water to recover more quickly and get you the ultimate spa experience, protects your device and safes costs.